Forged parts for the shipbuilding industry

DNV shafts/bars

  • Propeller, tail, drive shafts
  • Rudder stock, upper vertical, lower vertical shafts & pintle pins
  • Line, intermediate, main and stub shafts
  • Controllable and variable pitch shafts
  • Flanged torque shafts
  • Input shafts

Hollow marine tubing

  • Strut barrel
  • Bearing housing
  • Stern tube
  • Rudder tube
  • Shaft couplings

Marine machinery parts

  • ABS gear blanks
  • Shaft couplings
  • Marine winch components
  • Engine mounting rings
  • Clutch rings

Cut parts-without tooling or pattern charges

  • Tiller arms
  • Strut assembly parts

Fast delivery services

At Glen Flange, we understand the importance of on-time delivery, so we strive to deliver parts on (or before) your delivery date. In critical circumstances, reduced lead times can be offered for breakdown and emergency orders in need of immediate production response.

DNV, BV and Lloyd’s Register approved

Our long-standing relationships with third-party agencies ensure your certification is complete, accurate and on time. Due to years of experience working directly with DNV, our knowledge and understanding of the industry’s specifications are unmatched.