Products Design

Glen engineer team could provide “Client “or “Contractor” the requirement for design, fabrication, installation supervision and testing of all our products.

Responsibility for the design and performance of our products

Design will be suitable and adequate for the respective application for which the particular items are installed.

All design will be done in according with International system of Units(SI) editions of codes and specifications.

Design life, Design Environmental conditions will according to contractor specification.

Piping System

Seawater filtration piping system
Products tested and approved by IACS
•Improve productivity and on board installation safety
•Secure weight & space savings
All Stainless steel body(S316L) with Duplex steel flange build up Seawater filtration piping system, Non-rust design, easy to weld and install, certificated by DNV class. Polished surface.


Glen Flange is ideally equipped for the production of high-quality blanks. At two plants and on four forging
lines we produce flange with an external diameter of: 200mm- 5000 mm
All stanless flange are calibrated and straightened after the forged process. The risks of overheating and excessive cooling
are prevented by means of automatic control, monitoring and logging of the temperature.

Pipe Fittings

As the important part of piping system, whatever it is elbow, tee, stub end or reducer, with tube to build up a complicated media transportation system. In view of the industry area is difference, the material of pipe fitting is different, include carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. Cold drawing, forging, cutting, welding …with different technical type.

Marine Forging

At Glen Flange we can meet almost any cylindrical fittings requirement you may have. We have fittings in a wide variety of sizes, alloys, and classes, as well as the ability to produce from bar stock. We can supply in almost any size and are quite able to meet your stock requirements, as well as sourcing more exotic types of fittings and alloys.